Jamie Halford BA(Hons).

I'm a qualified restorer with 20+ years experience, working to a professional high standard, with an informed and sympathetic approach. I attempt to offer a complete conservation-restoration service, specialising in fine quality antique furniture and items requiring the skills of master craftsman.

My services are better suited to finer pieces requiring a high standard of work, closer attention to details and the knowledge and materials associated with period antiques.
Professional restoration work is time consuming and requires specialist knowledge, skills and materials, so is 'expensive'. There is usually a waiting time of  least three to six months. If you require a basic repair of a low value item it is unlikely to be economic to have me take on the job.

Please note that work has been slowed down these last two years, I have a large backlog of work and may refer you elsewhere.

I have always attempted to take on some local work and help with low value/sentimental value items which involve compromises and basic repairs, I am unually uncomfortable with these but understanding the need to fit a budget or prolong the life of a loved item. Regretfully I am no longer able to do this so often. Also note most other  pages of this website, and many photos, are several years out of date and may no longer be a reflection on the services I am willing to provide. I'll  update/delete when I have time.

• Conservation-Restoration  - Period furniture.

• Furniture restoration. London, Hertfordshire, Essex,  

  Cambridgeshire areas.

Traditional Upholstery. (selective work only)
French polishing and traditional finishes.

• Full restoration of longcase clocks.

• Other aspects including high quality desk re-leathering, metalwork supply and repair, work inclusive of: turning, carving, gilding, inlay  and so on. I have experience, or can usually offer advice, on all aspects.



If you wish to contact me, please e-mail and include photos of the item requiring work.   jamie@halfordrestorations.co.uk

You might be able to reach me on  07443943699

Visit strictly  by appointment only.



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