Halford Restorations
Jamie Halford BA(Hons)
Restorer of Antique Furniture
Bishop's Stortford Hertfordshire

About Us

Jamie trained in High Wycombe, graduating from Buckinghamshire University with a  BA (Hons) in Furniture Restoration and Craftsmanship in 1997. This gave a valuable foundation with intensive hours at the college workbenches in combination with studies in historical and ethical aspects, design, construction and materials science. There was focus on cabinet making, upholstery, polishing, metalwork and gilding and introduction to the diverse range of connected skills.

Jamie soon began offering his services,  working both alone and extensively with other established professionals, gaining valuable experience typically sought from apprenticeships.  Working on a large range of items, from humble family pieces of purely sentimental value, to very fine pieces by some of the finest historic makers.

Clients have included dealers, collectors, institutions and the general public. Such broad experience develops an understanding of an appropriate balance between conservation and restoration in whatever context a valued item finds itself.

Jamie currently receives trust and respect based on high standards, qualifications and longstanding professional relationships. He has continued to add to his skills and knowledge in and around the subject, in addition to recently gaining a distinction in BSc(Hons)Environmental Science although with no imminent plans to change career.